Tracy Carter Kibler

For Tracy, being able to express herself through her art has been a lifelong ability. She has always had a love for art and was able to attend the University of Texas at Dallas to receive a Bachelors in Art and Performance. She loves being able to juxtapose pieces and bring color to our lives. “Statement pieces are key to decorating when you want to update your home without completely redoing an entire room”, says Tracy. She is able to do this through her home furnishings, accessories and home décor.

When Tracy first graduated from college she had the hopes and dreams to work in the art world in one way or another. She chose to go into sales which pulled her further away from her dreams of surrounding herself in all that she loves. After years of encouragement by her husband and being a stay at home mom, she found herself painting for her own home. This led her to paint for friends and family which then turned into a flourishing business. Tracy loves to find old pieces of furnishings and accessories at estate sales and turn them into new and updated pieces. In turn, she does the same to new pieces by distressing them.

The name, TickleBellyHill, came from Tracy as she described her joyous times as a child with her father who would drive her in his car over a tall hill, which she called TickleBellyHill. When it came time to name her company, she wanted to express the happiness she finds in her pieces and how they should bring about the feeling of joy and happiness that she once experienced as a child.

Today, Tracy paints and sells her unique pieces as well as paints home furnishings for clients. She has a studio behind her home in Dallas, Texas and is able to still be a stay at home mother and an artist at the same time. She shares her life with her husband, Kirk and her three beautiful children.